Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many parts of this site are open to view. As we are a centre for learning the main activity is to enrol in Courses. These will require a login. Our monthly calls and community discussion also require a login. If you only want to be notified of new blog posts just subscribe to our news updates.

 As we have been studying how people approach generative learning for over 20 years we have an idea about the most appropriate pathway for each learner. Trust us to provide the next learning opportunity with lots of additional flexibility. We have an expression to describe this: 'Each in their own way, each in their own time.' 

Humanity Circles are one of the humanity inquiry modalities developed at apitholo. At this time, this is also the name for our monthly meet-up calls. In these calls, people develop some of the dialogue skills to engage in humanity learning. Once you have enrolled you can come anytime to see if this is for you. To continue to attend requires completion of the Etiquettes (for Apithologues) Course.which you will be invited to do