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Brief Overview

This one question short survey is how involvement at apitholo commences. The survey invites you to tell us about your contact preferences and your desired learning journey. We will only contract you based on your selection. Take the time to consider your future invitations. This Course also provides a free preview of the learning platform. It is your chance to experience how enrolment works and feel the style and layout without any learning commitment.        

Survey Outline

Dr. Will Varey

Dr. Will Varey is the founder of the field of apithology. He is the Director for Research at the Centre for Humanity Learning. He has been guiding learning using apithology for over two decades and taught over 120 apithology modalities.   



This is the commencement point for everyone's engagement at apitholo. By completing the survey you will guide your next involvement. It will also give you an experience of the enrolment process for our other Courses.

Enrolment Contribution