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Five Distinctives

Learning at Apitholo

Course Summary

In this short Course you will learn five distinctive features about apitholo. This will assist you in deciding if this location of new learning meets, for you, a present yearning. Your responses will inform which pathway of learning will be most fulfilling to you. Rather than begin and exit when it is not for you, you are instead invited to arrive well and continue.

Course Curriculum

Dr. Will Varey

Dr. Will Varey is the founder of the field of apithology. He is the Director for Research at the Centre for Humanity Learning. He has been guiding learning using apithology for over two decades and taught over 120 apithology modalities.   



An essential Course for those arriving ready for learning. This module clarifies your expectations and the anticipations of what learning at the Centre for Humanity Learning truly offers by way of a unique opportunity. 

Course Contribution